Are you looking to settle abroad? We expertise in immigrations, our experience matter. The information provided by G-One Advisories can change the way you think about immigration.

You will learn how to:

  • speed up your migration visa application;
  • support your refugee claim;
  • present yourself at the immigration hearing or immigration interview;
  • answer immigration interview questions;
  • correctly support the existence and genuineness of your relationship (prospective marriage/fiance visa)
  • assess your migration skills;
  • pass a 'credibility test';
  • deal with inconsistencies;
  • prepare a business plan, documents, declarations and cover letters to support your immigration business visa;
  • request Immigration Ministerial intervention;

You will find out:

  • the ways to find relevant information about ANY migration visas, immigration precedent decisions, related immigration guidelines, immigration laws, immigration regulations and immigration requirements;
  • what to do in case of lack of evidence to support your marriage/fiance visa or refugee application;
  • Immigration links, immigration statistic and a lot of other information.

You will gain knowledge of:

  • Immigration skills assessment process;
  • Immigration application fee structure;
  • ways to improve your English to pass IELTS;
  • Immigration time limits and a lot of other relevant information.


We offer following immigration services:


Student Visa

We are a professionally managed consultancy promoting higher education in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. We have extensive contacts and tie-ups with reputed and well renowned universities. We are one of the trusted partners for student visa services.


Work Visa

Whether you want to travel abroad to find a job or want a work visa for a job offer in hand, G-One can help you. Not only are we among the world's best immigration companies, but we are the leading work overseas company. Start now to get a work visa quickly and affordably!


Spouse Visa

Spouse visa is designed for individuals who are married to designated country citizen or Permanent Resident. Spouse visa allows you to enter or remain in a designated country on the basis of your married relationship with your partner.


Visitor Visa

When you are going on a journey with all prepared to depart, a visa should not be the showstopper. Make sure you use our Services to file your visa application to make sure your application is done right the first time and is ready before your departure.


Permanent Resident Visa

PR Visas allow you and your family to work & settle overseas - permanently. Immigration & PR Visas are available for skilled & qualified professionals, for families and for investors. A PR visa allows you and your family to live, work & settle overseas. Benefits include free education for children, medical & retirement benefits. You can work with any employer or start you own business.