G-One was formed with a vision to provide students, a platform to be successful in achieving their goal of studying abroad. Studying abroad is not merely about researching the net, filling in application forms and sending them to universities you have heard of. It is a complex process involving a lot of queries, issues, and formalities that need to be understood, completed and followed through. Slightest of the mistakes or any loop holes in the application process can lead to the candidature being rejected.

We provide individual attention to all processes, ensuring that you follow an error free and well-presented process. Our experienced counsellors oversee the works and help edit and polish the final paperwork.

We offer following education services:


Admission Guidance

We guide and assist each student through the admission process from preparation of admission forms to references and Statement of Purpose, and ensure that areas essential to a well presented application are highlighted.


Accommodation Assistance

We provide assistance to each student with accommodation consistent with their budget and needs. We offer first-hand assistance to students, including airport pickup services, helping arrange home-stays and help opening bank accounts.


Foreign Language Training

G-One programs are carefully planned to meet the learning needs of each client. Our training program helps you in communicating effectively with colleagues or clients, writing letters, obtaining information, listening to others or conversing socially.


Pre-Departure Briefings

We organize pre-departure sessions and debrief the students that give an opportunity to share information with students about their new destination, culture and the institute they have chosen. We ensure that students are fully prepared for new environment.


Travel Assistance

We assist with booking their flights to ensure that departure dates allow students to settle and become familiar with the course and destination before commencing studies.


Educational Loan Assistance

We have tie ups with reputed banks that help to provide much needed financial support to deserving students for pursuing higher professional or technical education in India.