G-One Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is an international education consulting organization providing value-based services to International Institutions and aspiring students in India. We believe in optimizing human potential and creating opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences and actualize their dream through global education. Our company understands and satisfies the educational, service and self-fulfillment needs of potential students. It is an innovative student recruitment & solutions company based in India and we provide free high quality and professional advice and counselling to parents and students seeking professional advice on international education. We assist international institutions from New Zealand, Canada and Australia with student recruitment, market research, institutional collaboration and new business opportunities. We ensure that we only work with education providers that can offer a high standard of academic achievement and student support, and we would maintain regular contact with our students.

With great ideas in our minds and a passion to make others live a quality life, we endeavor to guide people and bridge the gaps between them and their dreams. We understand the immigration needs of people whether it is to earn good money, to lead a quality life, to study and earn a quality education or to travel around the globe.

G-One is a team of expert consultants engaged in providing Immigration services, visa consultancy and university admission assistance for Canada, Australia, NZ. We are the leading education abroad consultants providing study abroad services almost free with complete visa procedures.

G-One has come up as the most professional Immigration, visa and overseas education service provider in Mumbai, India. We have earned our expertise through rigorous immigration process follow up and by resolving many visa rejection cases every year be it PR, tourist, visitor, business, spouse or student visa. Our experts take you down to every bit of prevailing circumstances in your life and prepare your visa file likewise.

Why Us?

10 reasons to approach us for the student to study abroad.

  • Career Counselling
    This is the first step for the student to take the right decision for a bright career. Counselling is a part where the student gets the exact idea towards his/her career. Counselling is not just giving or taking the information, it is making up the decision. Such kind of Counselling can only be given by the higher education consultant like us.
  • To Know where and when to go
    Generally, a student will always get confused as to which country he should go. In this case G-One is the best place to clear his/her doubt. A student never knows the best place for his career. At this point we can suggest him/her according to his/her interest towards the subject, after he/she decides the place to go, he/she should also know when his/her admission begins because every country will not go with same time for admissions.
  • Admission guidance
    A good University selection can be done by us because the student might have an idea about 1 or 2 universities as their friends are in the same universities, but we are the one who will know the best university for the course, because we will be dealing with so many universities.
  • Selection of course
    In this part, the student will always check for a booming course but not for the future settlement. We can guide him/her for the best course to settle his career.
  • Safety
    When a student applies, we will have confidence for his/her process, because we have direct tie up with the university. If the student applies from his/her own, he/she will never know where it is going wrong and at the final stage the result would be visa rejection.
  • Financial Estimation
    When a student is planning to go abroad for higher studies, he/she will not have an exact idea about financial estimation. Once he/she meet us, he/she will come to know the documents required, what is the amount to be spent for his education, the cost of living and the amount to be shown to the embassy.
  • Career abroad
    Generally, a student will not know what it means living in a foreign country. But before going to study abroad, the student should be made aware of overseas education so that the student might get prepared before leaving the country. This awareness can only be given by us.
  • Jobs awareness abroad
    Job awareness can be given by us. Students think good jobs are only when they work with good companies but we can give good suggestions about the job. What is the amount he earns in a week? Students do not know the rules followed aboard. This is an important section to be known by the student because they may not have similar rules as in India. So the student should first know the rules as to how many hours they can work, etc. This complete information can only be given by consultant.
  • Visa assistance
    This is the main part for the student to study abroad. Without visa entry clearance students are not allowed to enter into the country. In this part the student should be very careful with perfect documentation; the documentation part can only be perfect when one has a good experience in this field. If the documentation of the student is in order, he will stand 99% chance to get the visa. If he goes on his own, he may not guarantee for his visa because a student will never know if the file is complete or incomplete.
  • Accommodation guidance
    In this part a student will be fresh to the university. He may not know where to stay and what would be the cost of accommodation. A consultant can give the guidance for the accommodation. In some cases the consultant can also help by giving seniors contacts which they have sent for last intake.
  • Travelling guidance
    A consultant can give the travelling guidance because sometimes students who are going from the consultancy, university might come for airport pick up which really helps the student in the new place.

Our Vision

G-One Educational Consultants Pvt. Ltd. aspires to become an outstanding international educational advisor by promoting the highest level of excellence in all aspect of education consulting and by offering significant high quality professional service to the aspiring students in India. We believe in motivating and enriching the lives of students while helping them to fulfill their potential, enjoy a better quality of life and build a network of international friendships.